You can’t do that, society said. Which is why I’ve been proving them wrong. Their words drive me to make my way solely on creativity. The hours are brutal, and the competition is fierce, so I pave a higher road focused on creating the exquisite. I am an independent artist blending layers of skills together, and nothing brings me more satisfaction than creating from a standpoint of originality. Different is beautiful, and I say just watch me.
— Charles Maring

about the artist

Charles Maring is a modern artist creating works across an array of mediums. Maring started his career as a film photographer winning awards on the national and international scene by pushing the boundaries of the photographic art form. Shortly thereafter Maring fully adopted digital camera technology while it was in it's infancy drawing heavy criticism from photographic sages. However, the proof was in the pudding when he won the Grand Award at the International Photography Awards for the first time with work created on early technologies. He became one of the first to take to the stage helping to usher in the digital imaging revolution that we all enjoy today.

Maring's work clearly stood out, and he started to become a favorite among industry leaders, often being requested by celebrities to be both their public and private photographer. Photography would take him on assignments all over the world, and the camera would allow him to become a trusted friend amongst New York society, and those in the know. Today, Maring remains a very active professional photographer, and a well known educator in the photographic industry often giving lectures and workshops as a professional mentor to thousands of aspiring photographers around the world.

However, as digital became mainstream, Maring started looking backwards to find a creative outlet that would allow him to grow as an artist. While living in New York, and with the advice and mentorship of fellow artists, he took up oil painting after spending a great deal of time photographing and creating short films surrounding successful artists in the Chelsea gallery district of New York. Fast forward several years, and Maring continues to paint and has began to carved out a niche style all his own.

Maring has always looked to fashion as a source of inspiration for his photographs, films, and paintings. In 2015 Charles turned a new corner in his creative and technological journey as an artist when he began photographing his paintings, printing the designs on wearable fabrics, and turning them into garments. In the winter of 2016 he launched Charlee Fine Art Fashions, an online fashion store where he makes his modern limited edition fashions available for purchase. 

Today Charles is available for hire as a photographer or filmmaker, and is honored to create on private and personal projects, or on the commercial front as well. He makes his paintings, digital art, and fashions available for purchase and balances his career between commissioned assignments, and creating visual masterpieces that you can enjoy as home decor, or even wear.

Maring's journey is ever evolving, but his passion to create for others never waivers. Quite possibly the hardest working artist you will ever meet or work with, Charles pushes the creative boundaries of photography, fine art, fashion, and the latest of technologies putting quality and originality first. A true modern day Renaissance Man with a skill set unlike any other, and an eye for the beauty in everything.