CHARLEE - abstract expressionist oil paintings and wearable art


Made to order quickly just for you, which means we are a zero waste independent fashion studio.

I am deeply passionate about oil painting, and have an original expressionist style. Abstract by nature, my paintings are filled with storytelling vignettes and unusual characters. They take you on a journey, and you’ll enjoy spending time trying to make sense of them. Much like having a moment of Deja Vu, they somehow feel familiar yet still leave you a bit perplexed. Beautiful to look at yet far from just pretty home decor. I paint visual poetry that offer viewers moments of self reflection and realizations. Paintings that entertain the creative side of your mind and spirit.

Beyond the paint, I use my photographic, design, and printmaking skills to design one of a kind wearable fashions from the art. I create bold centerpiece garments that the rest of your outfit revolves around. This makes your purchase versatile allowing you to dress up the piece, or dress it down depending on your mood, or time of day. CHARLEE wearable art is made to last, incredibly comfortable, and never wrinkles, shrinks, or fades making my line ideal for travel and everyday wear. It also allows the art to come alive making the entire world my museum or gallery.

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A simple dress that is the centerpiece of your outfit because it's made from art...
my dresses never wrinkle, shrink, or fade...

Dress it up with heels or boots, dress it down for the beach.

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