Unconscious Art


It matters not to me what medium I work in, so long as I am doing the work in exploratory fashion. Music for instance, teaches me to think spontaneously about my next move. I feel that practicing the art of unconscious creation, regardless of format, allows you add depth to your unrehearsed potential. Music, painting, photography, or fashion... Art of any kind is often so much better when it comes from a place within, and beyond a pre-planned thought process, at least once your improvisational skills are honed. So keep doing the work, keep practicing every single day, it will all come together in time so that you can be authentically you.

Oh by the way I just launched some really cool T-Shirts available on the Charlee website. Created from art, and for guys and girls. They have a great natural fit, and they are soft so you are sure to dig them. More to come soon I imagine, but check out some photographs below and jump over to shopcharlee.com for more creative fashions as well.