Eyes of the King

Eyes of the King


There was charm in Florence when the alleys were lit, and around each corner there seemed to be something so unique that your couldn’t stop yourself from gazing when you found it. I took a photograph of it so that I could remember, but even when looking at it the memory still somehow fades. So, I drew from my memory to create exactly what I saw, and realized what I was seeing were the eyes of a king.
— Charles Maring
Eyes of The King
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Eyes of the king is a digitally rendered work of art created manually by artist Charles Maring.

On his personal journey Charles uses the camera widely seeking unique textures, architecture, found patterns, and elements of real life and blends these together manually to create one of a kind visions. Each one is uniquely original in color, placement, and style yet interesting to study. Prints are available as a Giclée on stretched canvas and watercolor papers in limited edition quantities.

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