Creative Freedom

The best way to experience creative freedom, is to give the artist creative freedom

How did you arrive here, and find your way to this meaningless blog post??? Were you searching online for an artist? Is that what you are seeking? Is it possible that you are looking for a creative person that can offer you an experience that is different from all the rest?

Then again, maybe you aren’t looking for an artist at all. It could quite easily be that what you really want is somebody to do what you tell them to do. A good old fashioned picture taker... A puppet that is going to create something normal, average, everyday... I ponder why you are here because most people that hire me want something uniquely their own. Something personal, meaningful, thoughtful, thought provoking, or different.

Yes, I could do the ordinary. But, what I really want to do is something extraordinary for you. I want to create something that has never been seen before. Something real, but something that makes everyone who visits your home stop and take notice. It’s also important to me that I create a portrait, or work of art, that is special only to you. The process of working with me is unlike the others. You’ll feel in charge, but thankful you can let go and enjoy the journey knowing the end result will move you. A lot of artists hire me for this reason. In fact they’ll tell you that the greatest way to enjoy creative freedom, is to give the artist creative freedom. You’ll just have to trust me, on this one, but you’re going to be in awe when we are done.
— Charles Maring