Cradle of the Renaissance

Cradle of The Renaissance

As we enjoy the view of the Duomo from the rooftop of the Belvedere at sunset we bask in the beautiful Tuscan light. Beneath us the shaded city streets are brimming with old world texture, and stories that date so far back that there isn’t even text that can truly mark it’s beginning. We are smack dab in the Cradle of the Renaissance, the home to masterpieces of art and architecture, and I refuse to sit by and watch, when I can create something with lasting imagination that can sum up this moment and place known as Firenze.
— Charles Maring
CRADLE OF THE RENAISSANCE - Metal Lithograph with Flush Mount Frame
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CRADLE OF THE RENAISSANCE is available as limited edition home decor wall art
Metal Lithograph with Flush Mount Frame

Created from a series of Charles Maring's photographs captured in Florence, Italy.

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