It’s 2am and the city beckons me to create. What can one possibly find lurking in the darkness outside on a night such as this? Then again, what might find me? The cross streets are howling the way they do before it begins to rain. An umbrella would prove to be useless once I hit the street and start my quest to find something interesting to photograph. West 23rd is usually bustling right now, but even it is having a slow night. As it turns out my lens is having a mind of it’s own. I never know what it will find. Clearly these strange images aren’t coming from me, and I still don’t know what I saw when I created this. Around every corner there is something eerie in the darkness of this city tonight, but there is still something beautiful and comforting about the place so many call home. Finally the thunder and rain make their entrance washing the sidewalks, as I duck into the pub and watch it pass by. The walk home brings a fresh scent of pavement and ozone that you just can’t get anywhere else. Time to call it a night, and see what I found in the morning.
— Charles Maring
CITNAKE Metal Lithograph with Flush Mount Frame
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Citnake is a digital remix of multiple photographs from West 23rd Street in Manhattan that Charles Maring captured and combined into creative composite.

Metal Lithograph with Flush Mount Frame

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