Where the Waves Wash Over Your Soul

Where The Waves Wash Over Your Soul

We sailed through a storm to get here untying the lines even before the sun broke. Even as 15 foot waves rose and fell we knew that there was no looking back. We had been there before, and we longed for this. I am still longing for this. The day was exhilarating, yet we were only as safe as adventurers can be when facing their fears. It all ended here, and just as the dusk settled in, the waves washed over our souls.


Available as Limited Edition Prints In various size and paper combinations.
Oil and Ink Mixed Media - A Painted Giclée 60x40 Only
Inkjet Giclée on Canvas 30x40 -60x40
Inkjet Giclée on Watercolor Paper 24x30 - 8x10