5 Stars and Spanish Wine

Marqués De Riscal

Traveling the world is one of the perks of being a well known artist. It also inspires creativity, and offers depth to my personal work. So whenever a client calls and asks if I would be interested in creating a time lapse film of the Rioja wine region, particularly amongst a 5 star Frank Gehry hotel and winery known as Marqués de Riscal, the answer is a resounding yes... That is, if I am lucky enough to be available. This project surrounded a gorgeous destination wedding in the middle of it all allowing me to spend 15 days creating amazing imagery. Like many of my assignments it would take expertise in all areas. This one encompassed photography, filmmaking, time-lapse work, website design, iPad app development, and more. Solving complex creative problems is what I do. It's why creative thinkers and techno-genius' come to me.

Oh yes, and I got to capture the spirit of two men in love surrounded by their families. That's what really made this great. Ahhh... Love. That's what makes everything great.

Did I mention that the Rioja region is a destination for world class wine? I guess there are many perks. Cheers.


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